Slate has an excellent shining property. Slate is a popular ornamental and decorative stone because of the pleasing colors, attractive patterns and designs. Slate tiles are used for wall cladding, roofing and flooring. Slate is suitable for Exterior and Interior Applications. Slate is a very fine grained metamorphic rock derived from the sedimentary rock 'shale'. Slate is composed mostly of mica, chlorite and quartz. Characteristically the rock may slit into relatively thinner slabs and can break easily. Some slates take very good polish, are extremely beautiful and more cost effective than most other wall and floor coverings. Slate has a fine to medium grained surface texture. It renders a very graceful, natural finish to any building or home

We have following production units and details of the size & finishes we can provide:

GANG SAW SLABS 260 Cm X 170 Cm & Up / 220 Cm X 140 Cm
CUTTER SLABS 60 - 90 Cm X 240 Cm & Up
CUT TO SIZE-TILES 30 X 30 Cm , 30 X 60 Cm , 60 X 60 Cm , 60 X 120 Cm & More
APPLICATION Exterior / Interior
FINISH Polished / Flamed / Honed / Sand Blast